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Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

And We'll All Stay Free!

Faerie Punk Mother
Another Punk Against Abortion

abortion destroys our nation's soul.

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Wife. Mother. Barefoot Deist. Whole-brained (but mostly left), active-minded (but mostly right), housekeeper, music instructor, home school teacher, granola (but not too crunchy).
Loves: Husband, Children, America.
Hates: Shoes, birth control, communism.
Strengths: Extremely stubborn and suspicious. High pain tolerance.
Weaknesses: Rather inclined to giggle. Doesn't put things away. Holds a soft spot for Beethoven and stray cats.
Special Skills: Can walk on her hands, make latkes from scratch (yes, using REAL potatoes), play Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude" perfectly - by heart, kill airborne mosquitoes with one hand.
Weapons: 16" knitting needles and her public library card.
Motto: Make it happen.

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I have five children, two boys and three girls, ranging in ages from two and a half to eight years old.

The first time I saw you, I loved you.
The last time I saw you, I cried for you.
The next time I see you, I'll laugh with you.

Marriage is the foundation of a natural family.

The Rainbow is the Covenant.

I believe in One God, the Father, the Almighty, Creator of the heavens and earth, of all that is, seen and unseen.
I believe that life begins at conception and that the deaths of 1.4 million unborn children each year stain our nation.
I believe in the Emersonian Oversoul.
I believe that America does not belong to the world; she belongs to Americans. She should not colonize her own citizens through domestic programs that stifle responsibility and foster dependence.
I believe that assimilation and national unity should be the guiding principles in formulating immigration policy and support initiatives that end illegal immigration, reduce legal immigration to manageable levels, and emphasize integration of immigrants and their communities.

Not all books are created equal.
You should exploit what you already know - as the information is in your hard-drive.
When there is order in the home, there is peace in the nation.

May moral clarity be with you.

I am not a liar, and I'm not full of hatred. But I hate lies, so the liars hate me. The war has started now, and Truth will win. The enemies of God will say it's chaos. They told us lies to take us away from God.
So, yea, I am angry, but I am not full of hate. I'm full of love.

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When in doubt, whip it out... yer boob, that is.
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Stuff I love:
my individual freedom.
keeping my money.
American values.
having faith in nature.
being my kids' mom.
doing the job right.

If you knit or crochet and you REALLY *DO* support our troops, make them a helmetliner or a neck cooler.
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